I am male, divorced, remarried and living in a blended family. I met an amazingl ady who I thought was my soulmate (I now know this to be true). I knew my second go was not going to be a walk in the park – but hey, I had learnt a few things, and I thought I was better prepared and more mature and in 'touch' with myself.

But life took a nasty turn and I faced yet another divorce. I then met Zipporah and my wife and I have been seeing her for 9 months and I am now facing a wonderful life with my wife. There is still a lot of work to do but we are on the right track.

Being a typical male my view on getting 'help' was relatively dim – seeing a psychiatrist or psychologist I considered a sign of weakness. My wife is very strong willed and emotive – I struggle(d) with a woman who expressed her self and wasn't backward in coming forward. I had built up a lot of mental defenses in my life so when the going got tough I just retreated, regrouped and then when things seemed OK again back outI came to interact again. My wife and I had baggage and issues that gave us fears and anxieties that we then seemed adept at triggering in each other. Couple that with a ex – wife from hell and having a blended family of 3 boys in the house every other week – life was interesting – but we loved each other and that was something we both (logically) knew as true.

I had already 'tried' seeing a psychologist by myself on my wife 'sinsistence (apparently I was the problem and if I sorted my issues out all would be fine) for six sessions and ended up agreeing with that particular psychologist there wasn't much else to discuss. I had done my bit and went back to mylife. I thought things were OK.

Then my wife and I had 'the' argument that led to us teetering on the edge of divorce. She had a clear view – change or I (she) will leave. I was given the choice – see a psychologist or see you later (never). I didn't want her to leave but I also didn't want to capitulate. I made the best decision of my life – I agreed to see a psychologist she had been recommended – Zipporah Oliver.

I then had the next good thing happen – my wife insisted on being there for the first three sessions to 'make sure she knows what the issues are that you (I) need to deal with properly'. That was a blessing in disguise (a very good disguise) as Zipporah quickly determined that there were not just 'my' issues but shared issues and asked that she take us both on as a client.

Thereafter my life has turned a corner – my wife would say 180 degrees! We have, with Zipporah's wisdom, care and guiding hand, moved from a disconnected relationship to finding that connection – the trick now is using that wisdom to keep building on that connection to have the best life we possibly can together. I entered Zipporah's office as an unwilling cynical participant – I now consider the best decision I have ever made was to have the courage to step in that door with my wife. It is hard to fully describe how Zipporah was able to help me on the journey.

But I will give you one simple reason – she commits to go on that journey with you. I find that unwavering commitment something hard to ignore – I trust you won't be able to either.