About 9 months ago my husband and I entered marriage counseling with Zipporah Oliver. I was just going through the motions as I had already made up my mind that the marriage was over, I just didn't want to face family and friends without looking like I had tried everything. My husband and I loved each-other but we had significant baggage that included children from previous relationships, and after many years of resentment, I decided that our issues had become insurmountable and I had enough, after about 2 months of counseling I started to have a shift in my attitude and started to become slightly more positive about the situation. After about 4-5 months I realized that there was hope and I decided to put in the effort required to make the marriage work. With a lot of effort on both my and my husband part, we have managed to turn our marriage around and we actually have a better marriage today than we did in the beginning. There were many times along the way where I wanted to throw in the towel. This is where the competence of a skilled therapist is paramount, not only did Zipporah anticipate the these occurrences, she was able to guide me through the worst and out the other side without too many battle scars! My husband, who thought all therapy was a "crock", now won't miss a session. He is actually more positive about the process than me and he copes with the sessions a lot easier than I do. Go figure?! We still have many months of therapy ahead but at least my husband and I can see the light at the en d of the tunnel now. We know that we have a future together and we are both relieved that we are on the same page finally. I would recommend Zipporah to anyone who is suffering or challenged by life or relationship issues. It is not easy or quick, and at times it seems painfully confronting or daunting, but if you can have the courage to follow the process through to the end you'll be rewarded for your efforts.