Reflections on sessions with Zipporah Oliver.

I first went to see Zipporah Oliver a few months after becoming a single parent. I was still dealing with my son’s diagnoses of multiple disabilities and personal issues. I felt overwhelmed and confused by the system despite being a competent social worker!

Ms Oliver provided a safe and nurturing environment where I could explore the broader issues of caring as well as the flexibility to follow pressing issues each visit. Within months I felt inner strength and confidence growing for the first time in years. Ms Oliver’s first hand experience as the mother of a child with a disability was invaluable as I could share with complete confidence that she did know what I was experiencing and that really helped me build trust in myself and others.

I found sustainable strategies that I could put into place and create real change for my son and myself which included a huge change in shared care that gave me time for me. I have discovered an appreciation of the challenges and, surprisingly, the joys of being a career. I have made changes I would never have imagined and can now see possibility for the future. I find myself enjoying, rather than enduring, being a career.