For a number of years I suffered on and off with skin ailments, involving sporadic and reoccurring itchiness and sensitivity on my face and body that was distressing to deal with and was of an unknown origin or cause.

These symptoms arose first in 1997, and then reoccurred sporadically for the next few years. Over that time I went to see a number of doctors, naturopaths and even skin specialists about this ailment. However none of them could find a clear‐cut basic cause for the affliction, nor eradicate totally its symptoms.

When the symptoms flared up again significantly in 1999, I started seeing Zipporah Oliver, who I had been recommended to by a friend, about the condition. She helped me in identifying possible causes and reasons for the condition, including a possible psychosomatic relationship with stress, and ways to help alleviate the symptoms I was suffering and manage my mental health better as well. With support from Zipporah I learnt to manage my stresses so that I no longer suffer from those symptoms any more, and I am able to live a normal life. Since then (eight years ago now) I have not suffered any reoccurrence of that condition – A, a client.