It is an honor for me to write a testimonial on behalf of this well-known community figure.

For many years I have found Mrs Oliver so helpful with our mutual patients. It is not only her great knowledge and expertise in managing mental health; it is her enthusiasm and deep caring for people that sets her apart. We have shared many patients who have unfortunately gone through serious crises and turmoil in their lives. Mrs Oliver has provided much needed support, often after hours, as we have tried to help people through their difficult times.

Some of the conditions Mrs Oliver has treated include depression, panic disorder, borderline personality and issues with self-esteem. I can think of several extreme cases where the situation seemed hopeless yet fortunately there was a complete turnaround with restoration of confidence and building of new and enduring relationships.

Cutbacks in funding for inpatient care and hospital outpatients has placed greater reliance on community treatment. As a general practitioner I have found it invaluable to have Mrs Oliver as a compassionate expert available to provide practical advice and assistance.

I wish her every success!