Zipporah Oliver has been active in many capacities for Carers Victoria. Zipporah has been a member of the Board of Management from 1994 until currently. In this capacity she has held the portfolios of Vice President and Interim President. As a member of the Board, Zipporah attends many public functions that involve representation to politicians, senior bureaucrats and interested community members.

She has been convenor and indeed, founder of the Carers Advisory Council, which is the body that meets bi-monthly to discuss issues that effect Victoria's 600,000 carers and advises the Board about current issues.

Zipporah is also passionate and commited to working on issues for young people with care responsibilities and is a member of Carers Victoria's working group that overseas this work. She has also presented publicly at conferences on this issue.

In 1998 Zipporah was part of the Carers Australia delegation that attended the first international Conference on Carers held in the United Kingdom. At this conference she presented a paper on the impact of Caring on Families.

Zipporah's commitment in time and her specialist knowledge is significantly valued by Carers Victoria. Her professional commitment is profoundly effected by her own personal experience of being the parent of a child with multiple and severe disabilities.

Zipporah's expertise is particularly related to carers emotional, psychological and physical wellbeing. She has understanding about the stresses of caring, loss and grief issues, isolation of carers and the social and financial impacts on carers and families.

In her professional capacity, Zipporah is a Psychologist working extensively in the area of disability and counselling. She is also a member of other key organisations who work on carers issues, as for example Association for Children with a Disability and Riding for the Disabled Association Victoria.

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