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Zipporah Oliver O.A.M. is a registered psychologist based in St Kilda East, Melbourne.


Counselling can help you develop your inner strength, and better manage your challenges. People often undertake counselling to deal with difficult and overt problems however there is also much to be gained from undertaking therapy in a more elective manner, with the goal of optimising one's life.


If you would like to discuss how I might be able to help you better manage your challenges or to find out more about whether the counselling process is for you, please call me on 0438 345 770.

All Services


All counselling services provided by Zipporah Oliver O.A.M.



Support and management for low or high functioning anxiety



Support and management for low or high functioning depression

Peace Making

Finding solutions for relationship breakdown and conflict

Relationship Counselling


Repairing and enhancing relationships

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